In Portland, badass is as the badass map says it is.

Portland Badass MapWhile at Stanford, Ph. D. candidates Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google. Pretty badass, right? WRONG! You want to know what’s badass? Badass is when two Portland State University grad students used a variety of data to create a map of Portland that shows the level of badassery in neighborhoods across the city.

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Replace the I-5 bridge with some kind of catapult system.

The I-5 bridge crossing the Columbia RiverInterstate 5 (I-5, as it’s more commonly known) could quite possibly be the most important interstate on the west coast. The freeway links Baja California with British Columbia; seriously, it cuts all the way through the United States.

Considering how the majority of goods are still transported by trucks, you might think that any bridge that’s a part of this interstate would be extremely high-tech, and that the replacement of said bridge would be expedited quickly and efficiently.

Welcome to Portland, where what’s quite possibly one of the most important commercial bridges in the world crosses the waterborne border of two states: Oregon and Washington. Let the problems begin!

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Portland’s all about the food!

The Travel Channel's Man v. FoodBoth Cooking Light magazine and Man v. Food love Portland’s amazing repertoire of restaurants and eateries. Not familiar with the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food? This guy goes up against the biggest meals you can imagine in a desperate attempt to… well… actually, we have no idea what he’s trying to prove. It’s one of those “car crash shows” where you can’t turn away because it’s so horrible to imagine you have to keep watching.

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Portland postman poops on patio.

Mailboxes in RuralWe’ve all been there. Maybe you ate some spicy Thai or Mexican food last night, or maybe you just had your morning coffee. Regardless, there’s that moment, that “uh oh, we have an emergency on our hands” moment, where you realize that you need to get yourself to the nearest “area of refreshment” to make a sacrifice to the porcelain gods. Now, let’s add a bit of roughage to the situation – what if you’re a postal worker on foot in the middle of your route?

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We love comics! Stumptown Comics Fest 2011!

Stumptown Comics Festival 2011In 2004, a bunch of comic creators (writers, artists, pencilers, colorists) got together to make a comic book show that focused on the creators instead of the publishers and distributors. Don’t get us wrong – we’re fans of the major Comicons all over the country, but this would be a show by the creators, for the creators. Naturally, since it would be based in Portland, the show’s name would have to do something with Portland, and, thus, Stumptown Comics Fest was born.

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Portlanders are fanatics for hybrid and electric cars (and motorcycles).

2012 Ford FocusFord announced that Portland will be one of the launch cities for the new all-electric model of their Focus later this year. This makes sense, Portlanders love all things hybrid and electric. Heck, you can even pick up an electric sportbike from Brammo down the street in Ashland.

At first, we were excited – electric cars use no gas, right? However, we’d also heard that since coal-based electricity systems have a huge negative impact on the environment, a lot of electric cars’ benefits are burned out. It made us wonder: why do we see so many environment-loving Portlanders driving electric and hybrid cars?

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Small business in Portland needs Viagra.

Northwest Portland BusinessesEvery year, ambitious young people move here with dreams of business ownership. So, why has Portland’s small business vitality ranking with the Business Journal survey dropped year-over-year?

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The zombies are out driving in Portland.

Traffic at nightWe’ve all been there – you’re driving along on I-84, minding your own business, when, all of a sudden, the car in front of you swerves out of control and crashes into a barrier wall. As you slowly pass by, checking to make sure everyone’s alright, the car’s filled with zombies! It’s a true story – “Zombies” in crashed car bewilder bystanders – welcome to driving in Portland.

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Portland versus Seattle. Fight!

Seattle, Washington's SkylineThe Pacific Northwest. It’s beautiful, it’s filled with fun things to do and it’s home to the deadliest rivalry ever known between two similar cities. Actually, not really. Portland and Seattle are more like siblings than they are dueling heavyweights.

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Portland is miserable… on paper.

Springtime in PortlandPortlanders aren’t miserable. Our city truly offers the best of everything. So, it struck us as odd when the Wall Street Journal came out this morning with a survey that showed Portland was the second-most miserable city in the U.S.

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