With marijuana use legalized in much of the Pacific Northwest, first with Washington legalizing the green machine in 2012 with Oregon sobering up long enough to make the vote in 2015, cannabis sales have become serious business.

And, as with any serious business, the consumer studies follow. The results of a study by Green Market Report of cannabis use answers the one big question we’ve all been asking: which fast food restaurant is the best for satisfying the Mary Jane Munchies?

Getting Serious about Stumptown Studies

Green Market Report wasn’t messing around, performing the study of the states with legal marijuana with an estimated population of 4.7 million purveyors of pot from legally-authorized dispensaries. After munching the numbers, Green Market Report selected specific markets to spotlight. Naturally, Stumptown made the cut.

Green Market Report of Potheads Fast Food Restaurant Preferences - Stumped in Stumptown

The Preferred 5 of Portland Potheads

For those of you too high to make sense of the numbers, here’s the break-down of the top 5 fast food restaurants preferred by Portlanders stoned out of their gourds:

  1. McDonald’s preferred by 37.3%
  2. Taco Bell preferred by 24.9%
  3. Burger King preferred by 14.4%
  4. Subway preferred by 9.0%
  5. Wendy’s preferred by 8.7%

We’re thinking it might be time for Wendy’s to up their game. Stumptown sobering specials, perhaps?

Do you have a favorite fast food when you’re in the funzone (or even when you’re sober)? Deal us your dime bag delight in the comments!