Lompoc Brewing, one of our favorite Portland breweries, is throwing a special can kickoff party this Friday the 13th (Friday, October 13, 2017) celebrating the release of their Lomporter Classic Porter in cans for only $6 per six-pack only at this event.

The party takes place at Fifth Quadrant, Lompoc’s brewery and pub (click here for a menu) which just happens to be one of our favorite hangouts in the Mississippi District of Portland.

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We prefer our beer the way we prefer our Portlanders… dark and mysterious.

Normally, we wouldn’t feature any old brewer special on Stumped in Stumptown, however, our staff is made up of weirdos – we prefer dark beer. In fact, we might go as far as to say that if you can see light through it, it isn’t “real” beer.

Naturally, we have to keep our mouths shut when out in the IPA-soaked Pacific Northwest lest we get beaten to death by beer snobs throwing raw hops at us. Plus, our favorite beer is the one in the glass we’re holding in our hands at the time.

Anyway, when we received an email from Lompoc’s Chris Crabb letting us know about their upcoming party (and their hella-crazy $6 per six-pack special one-day pricing), we knew we had to let our readers know.

When? Where? What?

The party starts at 4 p.m. on Friday, October 13 and runs until 9 p.m. with a one-day special of $6 per six-pack of Lompoc’s Lomporter, a porter with 6.4% alcohol described by Lompoc Brewing as “a premium porter that offers a creamy taste of dark chocolate complemented by dark cherry and hints of coffee. Brewed with dark wheat, rausch, and chocolate malts, this beer strikes a fine balance between heavy and light. It’s robust enough to sip, but smooth enough to have another…and maybe another…and, well, you get the picture!”

The party will feature a fire pit, corn hole games, food specials, and prizes. The festivities kick off at Fifth Quadrant, Lompoc Brewing’s Mississippi District brewery and pub, located at 3901 N. Williams Avenue, Portland, OR 97227, just off the heart of the district.

Fifth Quadrant’s menu includes a nice selection of burgers, chicken wings, nachos, and sandwiches, plus, if you get there early, you can partake of their excellent happy hour menu from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. We highly recommend the 5Q Happy Hour Burger & Fries and the Pulled Pork Soft Tacos.The nachos are pretty slammin’, too. A whole lotta yum for $6 a plate.

What’s Old is New Again – A Brief History of New Old Lompoc Brewing

New Old Lompoc Brewing started life as the Old Lompoc Brewery in December 1996 when it produced ales and lagers. In May 2000, Jerry Fechter, the original brewer, purchased and reopened it as, in true Portland fashion, The New Old Lompoc.

Lompoc brews six signature beers throughout the year with a variety of seasonals added in as they see fit with brewing taking place at the Fifth Quadrant brewery and pub. Lompoc also owns a number of other locations throughout Portland including the Lompoc Tavern on NW 23rd Ave, Oaks Bottom on SE Bysbee, and Hedge House on SE Division.

Think you can get us to drop the dark stuff?

Feel free to enlighten our darkened palettes by leaving your favorite beer we should try in the comments. Or, if you’ve got an event you’d like us to know about, reach out using our contact form.