Portland is definitely home to some of the best things in America. Beer? Absolutely. Bridges? Sure. Rain? We’ve got you covered. Weirdness? We’ve got it in spades.

However, when we heard that Stumptown was named one of America’s 15 Best Cities for Pizza, we couldn’t help but be proud of our town’s amazing restaurateurs. When the average person thinks “cities with great pizza,” they think New York City. They think Chicago. They don’t think Portland.

Until now.

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The Daily Meal is an online foody site featuring the best in food and drink throughout the United States. Since 2012, the site’s ranked America’s best cities for pizza, and, in 2017, Portland, Oregon has finally shown its chops by landing #14 on the list thanks to two key pizzerias – Ken’s Artisan Pizza and Apizza Scholls.

Apizza Scholls (www.apizzascholls.com)

Apizza Scholls features oven-baked special dough cooked up similar to the way a chef would make ciabatta bread. Their dough is so unique, they actually limit how many ingredients you can put on a pizza in order to ensure their dough bakes up just right.

Although you can design your own pie, we recommend you try their signature pizzas. We particularly enjoyed Sausage & Mama, a plain pie with homemade sausage and Mama Lil’s Kick Butt goat horn peppers, and Apizza Margherita, their take on the classic Margherita pizza.

Both mouth-wateringly fantastic. They named their first pizzeria, “Scholls Public House,” in the town they started it in – Scholls, Oregon – but after getting kicked out due to being located in a rural commercial zone, they added “Apizza” like many New Haven, CT pizzerias and opened in Portland. Their website states they think it sounds like “A piece of Scholls” if you say it really fast.

Ken’s Artisan Pizza (www.kensartisan.com)

Ken’s Artisan Pizza is actually a spin-off from the Portland institution, Ken’s Artisan Bakery, after their Monday Night Pizza specials were so special, they knew they had a hit on their hands.

Ken, himself, fashions his wood-fired oven pizza after the pizzerias he visited on trips to Italy and other areas of Europe. Much like Apizza Scholls, Ken’s will let you make your own pizza, however we once again recommend you try their signatures.

The Pomodoro Royale features basil, evoo, and Pecorino Romano, while the Brooklyn kicks pizza up a notch by adding unique ingredients like pickled jalapeno peppers and honey.

Did the Daily Meal miss your favorite?

While you can’t go wrong with Apizza or Ken’s, maybe the Daily Meal missed a few of Portland’s pie-makers. Which Portland pizzeria makes your perfect pie? Sprinkle your toppings in the comments!