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Portland is unprepared for earthquakes… or flying monkeys.

Did you know that Pioneer Square Mall is not at all retrofitted against a rampage of rabid rhinoceros? Or how about Voodoo Donuts possibly collapsing at the prospect of not having the capacity to handle a convention of Oprah fans with a mad-on craving for No Name donuts? Whenever there’s a disaster somewhere in the world, there will inevitably be comparisons regarding the unpreparedness of other cities to that disaster. In this case, Portland is not prepared for a 9.0 magnitude earthquake like the one that hit Japan. Continue reading

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Portland bridges falling down.

Portland’s not a good city for people with a fear of bridges; a total of eight crisscross the downtown area. With the devastating earthquake and aftershocks in Japan, officials have started taking another look at the state of our fine city’s bridges, and the results are not good. Continue reading

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