Many Portlanders live in blissful ignorance of the many natural and man-made disasters threatening our very existence here in the Pacific Northwest – St. Helens, Crater Lake, and, heck, even Mt. Tabor, are all active volcano ranges intent on taking us out.

Our very location on the west coast makes us a target for a Kim Jong Un temper tantrum, and Portland’s rabid Tesla fan-base means we’ll see automated driving here well in advance of a lot of the country.

Volcanoes, nukes, and artificial intelligence? What’s next?!


Internationally-renowned volcanologists (they’re actually a thing, we promise!) from all over the world are headed into Portland next week for the first conference in 30 years. They’ll be discussing 18 “very high threats” affecting our area with particular focus on effects on air travel. Personally, we’re a little more concerned about effects of molten lava on our skin. That’s some high-level SPF sunblock needs right there!

Reed College’s little nuclear reactor has always been fun to joke about, but now with North Korea and President Trump verbally duking it out like two Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment celebrities playing it up for the camera and a limited number of fallout shelters in Portland, we’re beginning to wonder what’s next!

Will Tesla turn their upcoming Autopilot version 2.5 into Skynet intent on eliminating all of humankind?

What man-made or natural disasters do you see striking Stumptown next? Leave ’em in the comments (if you dare)!

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