Ever wonder why Portland is nicknamed Stumptown? Hint: Stumptown Coffee didn’t come first.

The nickname’s origins aren’t so pleasant.

Back in the 1800s, loggers nearly strip-mined the forests around Portland for the luxurious lumber provided by the wealth of evergreens that grow in the area. In 1847, growth was so rapid that stumps from trees cleared for roads sat unattended until there was the manpower necessary to remove the stumps. In 1850, Captain John C. Ainsworth was quoted as saying that there were “more stumps than trees” in Portland.

Over the years, environmentalist policies kicked in, responsible logging was introduced and the rapid growth has slowed. The area is no longer filled with stumps. Now, many say that the nickname refers to Portland’s lack of significant skyscrapers (the tallest is 546 feet).

So, there you have it – the origin of Portland’s nickname and perhaps a little explanation to our name and logo, too.

Source: Nicknames of Portland, Oregon (Wikipedia)

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