Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure in Portland is an institution, an annual race where the participants primp out in pink to show their support of research for the cure to breast cancer.

In 2017, the race could get a little bitchy – but in a good way – as our canine friends have been invited to join the cause!

The big change to allow pets to parade with participants stems from comments heard by Komen’s local chapter from survivors reporting their dogs have been a big part of their support system in battling breast cancer.

Portland's Race for the Cure is for the dogs - Stumped in Stumptown

Ann Berryman, communications director for our local chapter of Susan G. Komen, told the Oregonian that “a dog’s companionship can be integral to maintaining a positive outlook through an extremely difficult process.”

We’re all for it!

Portland is one of the most dog-friendly cities we’ve ever seen with people bringing their dogs with them everywhere. And we mean EVERYWHERE from bars to restaurants to stores to public restrooms (we’ve seen it). Having your furry friend race with you only makes sense.

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