Just when you think Portland has squeezed all the weird out of it that it possibly can, the City of Portland partners with a local rapper known for his love of cats to make a music video for a phone app that allows Portland’s drivers to pay for parking on their smartphone.

One thing about Portland, it will never cease to surprise us with its cataclysmically weird news. Take the Willamette Week’s reporting of the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) attempts to increase usage in its Parking Kitty app for iOS and Android.

The idea of paying our parking fees with an app instead of using our credit cards in the rain at the often incredibly-slow parking meters certainly makes us purr, but what left us nearly catatonic was who PBOT teamed up with – Moshow, a Portland-based music artist who raps about his love for furry feline friends.

Moshow’s real name is Dwayne Molock and he’s loved cats his entire life. In fact, he has three of his own – all hairless Sphynx cats – named Tali, MegaMa’am and Sushi. “They kind of remind me of myself – I’m kind of a human Sphynx,” he told KGW in an interview. “I’m bald, and I’ve always been the weird guy and they’re considered weird cats.”

Moshow originally hails from Baltimore, Maryland and paid his own way to earn a computer science degree. He moved to Portland because he felt his weirdness would be appreciated here, and he’s certainly not pussy-footing around with an Instagram account and YouTube channel dedicated to his love of four-legged feline friends. You can even catch up with his music by buying his album on Amazon.

Anyway, we know what you really clawing for, so, without littering your browser with additional pawsing for puns, here’s Moshow’s Parking Kitty music video:

Are there other odd Portland team-ups you think are purrfect? Mark your territory in the comments!