With Portland embracing its weird culture, it only makes sense that we’d also get some of the weirdest criminals. So, when a woman threw her toddler into a nearby car (the kid’s unharmed, by the way) while running from the police after stealing two leaf blowers, how could we possibly be surprised?

An as-yet unidentified man and woman are in custody after a car chase and crash in Northeast Portland. The couple were caught on surveillance video stealing two leaf blowers (yes, leaf blowers – you’d be amazed what Black & Decker gardening equipment goes for on the “Dark Web”) by a man who called 911 and reported the couple’s license plate number.

After a thoroughly unimpressive car chase resulting in the GMC truck crashing into a shrubbery (“You must bring us… a shrubbery!”), the driver bailed out with the vehicle still in motion leaving his female passenger and a two-year old kid to fend for themselves.

Scrambling away, the woman reportedly pulled at random car door handles of passing cars, got one open, and tossed her toddler in like a bag of potatoes before turning to get into a fistfight with the approaching police officer.

The two-year-old’s okay, but this goes into the Stumped in Stumptown repository of criminal craziness in Portland along with our Beastie Boys Bandit, the Chinese trying to steal students from Reed College, and hipster criminals who stole a BMW on a test-drive just to go to a Chehalis Walmart and shop-lift.

Portland. Where we even keep our criminals weird.

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Source: Woman throws toddler into stranger’s car while running from Portland police