Tell us if you think this sounds like a good idea: go to a BMW dealership, steal a loaner car, then head to a Walmart in Chehalis to shoplift as much as your freshly-showered hands can carry. Oh, did we forget to mention that you got arrested and released a few days ago for breaking into a house, taking a shower and then calling the 911 on the homeowner because her doggies scared you?

This guy’s hot on the heels of our ATM criminal who stole deposits from people at the exact same ATM three times in less than one week! He’s in police custody now, by the way (Man, 19, Faces Charges in ATM Robberies).

This is the caliber of criminal mind that we have here in Portland. We’re thinking these two need to get together and film a live-action Beavis & Butthead movie.

Source: ‘911 Intruder’ back in jail for a crime spree in Washington