Parenting in Portland can be a tough gig. Parenting styles vary widely here as Portland attracts so many different kinds of people. Some parents want to encourage free expression and complete trust, while other parents may dream of locking their kids in a dungeon to prevent inappropriate behavior.

In addition, parents have to explain a variety of truly weird behavior witnessed throughout Portland. For example, try to avoid spectating Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride without being prepared to have a lot of certain conversations with your kids. How about explaining away all the political protests? To make matters worse, recently-legalized marijuana and a thriving illegal drug scene can lead to rampant temptation for curious minds.

Is drug-testing the answer?

An agency called Any Lab Test Now (the name certainly leaves no confusion as to how the company makes its bones) recently made news by offering parents the option to have their kids tested for drug use on a monthly or even bi-weekly basis using hair, fingernails, or urine tests. Of course, there are different fees for different tests, and the lab claims all results are confidential.

We’re seeking the opinions of parents and non-parents alike – what do you think? Should parents drug test their kids? Is complete trust the right answer? Something in-between?

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Source: More Portland-area parents choosing to regularly drug test their kids