Portland is filled with people who love it. Like anyone who loves their town, they love it the way it is, and, in order to maintain that identity, Portlanders are dead-set against preventing anyone else from moving here.

So, what are the 25 counties in the United States most responsible for sending their residents to our fair city, ruining our entire experience, and creating even more people who hate people who move here?

Well, at least the top three and much of the rest of the list won’t surprise you (we’re looking at you, Arizona and California!), but some of the list might… 

Without any further adieu, here are the top 25 U.S. counties sending the most of their dang residents running to Portland according to census data from 2011-2015 and the Oregonian:

  1. Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix). New Portlanders? 1,251
  2. Los Angeles County, California (L.A., baby). New Portlanders? 1,131
  3. Santa Clara County, California (San Jose). New Portlanders? 1,131
  4. Middlesex, Massachusetts (biggest city is… Lowell?). New Portlanders? 584
  5. Fulton County, Georgia (Atlanta). New Portlanders? 584
  6. Contra Costa County, California (Concord). New Portlanders? 477
  7. Riverside County, California (Riverside). New Portlanders? 447
  8. Ventura County, California (Oxnard). New Portlanders? 438
  9. Ada County, Idaho (Boise) New Portlanders? 424
  10. San Francisco County, California (San Franciso). New Portlanders? 387
  11. Dallas County, Texas (Dallas). New Portlanders? 350
  12. Anchorage Municipality, Alaska (Anchorage). New Portlanders? 319
  13. District of Columbia (Washington D.C.). New Portlanders? 314
  14. Collin County, Texas (Plano). New Portlanders? 274
  15. San Diego County, California (San Diego). New Portlanders? 271
  16. Sacramento County, California (Sacramento). New Portlanders? 267
  17. San Mateo County, California (Daly City). New Portlanders? 251
  18. Cowlitz County, Washington (Longview). New Portlanders? 249
  19. Franklin County, Ohio (Columbus). New Portlanders? 248
  20. Monterey County, California (Salinas). New Portlanders? 248
  21. Washoe County, Nevada (Reno). New Portlanders? 243
  22. Island County, Washington (Oak Harbor). New Portlanders? 240
  23. Honolulu County, Hawaii (Honolulu). New Portlanders? 239
  24. Cook County, Illinois (Chicago). New Portlanders? 239
  25. Spokane County, Washington (Spokane). New Portlanders? 233

All of us who live in Portland (most of whom actually moved here from elsewhere ourselves), are glad you all love it here, but please do us a favor and tell all your friends and family back home that it’s terrible so no one else will move here, ok?

What are the biggest gripes you have about people moving to Portland? Leave ’em in the comments!

Source: These 25 counties are sending the most new residents to Portland