Portlanders love their food. How could we not? Portland attracts some  of the most talented and creative chefs in the entire country cooking up some of the tastiest and most gorgeous dishes in the world.

However, are you one of those Portlanders who goes to the animal shelter and coos over the goofy-looking dog? Did you like the Pontiac Aztek, one of the most hideous examples of committee-designed automobiles ever  (best known from Breaking Bad)?

Maybe you don’t want that perfectly round tomato. Maybe you don’t want that apple genetically-designed to be redder than red could possibly be.

If so, we’ve got good news – Imperfect Produce is coming to Portland.

Imperfect Produce is a home-delivery service akin to Blue Apron, Naturebox, or any of the myriad of other box-shipping companies that have sprung up over the Internet these past 5-10 years.

However, unlike those, Imperfect Produce sells ugly. They specialize in ugly. Ugly produce. And it sells its produce at 30-50% below grocery store prices.

Imperfect estimates that the company has saved more than 5 million pounds of produce from being wasted because the vegetables didn’t look pretty enough to be sold at local grocery stores. Plus, they sell both 100%-organic and conventional vegetables, too, so you can have your pick.

Imperfect Produce’s home delivery to Portland begins August 14, 2017 (as in… before now) so feel free to let your ugly flag fly!

Do you prefer the ugly in other areas of your life, too? Share your examples in the comments!

Source: Ugly Produce Company Expands to Portland