Portland and Seattle are both becoming renowned the world over for their diversity in food. Whether it’s Seattle’s eclectic chefs or Portland’s homegrown bacon and eggs, both cities have a lot to offer. So, in Sunset Magazine’s recent comparo – who wins?

After duking it out in a variety of categories including: crowd control, new ideas and booze & caffeine, Portland loses out to Seattle – by a pint (PDX scored 52 with SEA bringing 54). The culprits, according to Sunset are our lack of diversity (guilty – there are several ethnic restaurant types sorely lacking in P-town; we’d kill for more Indian and quality Chinese restaurants) and a little too much snobbery (can you say hipster madness, anyone?).

The entire slideshow/article is a really good read, and, we’ve got to say – when you’re looking for somewhere to eat at either Portland or Seattle, everyone’s a winner-winner-chicken-dinner.

Source: Portland vs. Seattle food fight