Portland ranked #3 pot-smoking capital in the U.S.

Curling smoke trailsMary Jane, hooch, wacky tobacky, bud, grass, weed, cannabis, blueberry yum-yum, pot – marijuana. Portlanders love the green leaf in a big way proven by a recent survey from the Daily Beast which ranks Portland as the #3 pot-smoking capital in America.

We know what your first thought: “Dude, where’s White Castle?” (sadly, the nearest one is in Minnesota) which might be followed up with “Wait. Portland’s only #3?” A legitimate thought, too, considering you can simply follow your nose to find the heart of hippy-land in SE. Plus, Portland’s home to the U.S.’s first Cannabis Cafe where medically-licensed smokers can enjoy the green gooodness in the company of others.

Despite the lackadaisical approaches its subject-matter might imply, the Daily Beast’s survey is actually quite scientific. They use a variety of sources and methods to compile their data. So, if Portland wants to become #1, it’s going to have to give it the good ol’ college try… or not, y’know…

For more details on the survey as well as to see the other cities, check out the survey in the Source. If you have your own Portland pot-loving (or hating) stories to share, leave ’em in the comments.

Source: America’s Pot-Smoking Capitals

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  1. rainy says:

    it’s pretty much ignored even in wide open public spaces, which to me is the best part.

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