In 2004, a bunch of comic creators (writers, artists, pencilers, colorists) got together to make a comic book show that focused on the creators instead of the publishers and distributors. Don’t get us wrong – we’re fans of the major Comicons all over the country, but this would be a show by the creators, for the creators. Naturally, since it would be based in Portland, the show’s name would have to do something with Portland, and, thus, Stumptown Comics Fest was born.

This year’s Stumptown Comics Fest (the 8th one!) promises to be the biggest they’ve ever had, and there are going to be a ton of great panels and people there. It’s at the Oregon Convention Center this weekend – April 16th 10-6pm & April 17th 12-6pm. You can get tickets in advance from TicketsWest Online. One-day passes are $7, two-day passes are $12.

Who’s going to be there? Check it out:

– Eric Powell
– Rick Remender
– Jeffrey Brown
– Sarah Glidden
– Brandon Graham
– Ethan Nicolle
– Nate Simpson
– Studio Foglio
– Molly Crabapple
– Benjamin Marra
– Carla Speed McNeil
– Erika Moen
– Paul Tobin
– Colleen Coover
– Larry Marder
– Barry Deutsch
– Scott Kurtz (WE LOVE YOU!!! PvP is the best comic in the entire world!!!!)
– Kris Straub
– Randy Emberlin
– Gary Martin
– Julia Wertz
– Lukas Kefner
– Brandon Seifert

… and many, many more.

If you have any interest in comics at all or you’re looking for yet another cool thing to do in Portland this weekend, you really owe it to yourself to check out this amazing show.

Source: Stumptown Comics Fest