Portland’s always been renowned for strange bikes whether it be the high-flying double-deckers or the laid-back almost-pedestrian-because-they’re-everywhere recumbent bikes. When it comes to cars, Portlanders love Volkswagen, Subaru and anything hybrid. Well, what happens when Volkswagen’s luxury brand, Audi, gets together with Portland’s hardwood-bicycle manufacturer, Renovo? Oh, yeah, baby – hardwood performance bikes!

Just like their cars, these Audi-requested, Renovo-built hardwood bikes use all the newest technology. Renovo prefers hardwood because its lighter, more flexible and more durable than its aluminum counterparts. Yeah, we didn’t believe it, either, but when the owner of an insane performance-brand like Lamborghini (the brand, not just one car) backs a statement, it lends a little credibility.

The city-versions of these belt-driven bikes will also have puncture-resistant tires – a damn nice feature in the streets of Portland, which, at times, can resemble a broken glass factory. That version runs a very affordable (gasp) $6,350. There’s a street-comfortable higher-range version called the Duo Sport available for $7,350 and then the high-performance ultra-long-performance Duo Road for $7,460.

Yum, yum! Renovo, if you need anyone to test-drive these bad boys, you know where to find us!

Source: Audi and Renovo Team Up For Line of Hardwood Bicycles