We’ve all been there. Maybe you ate some spicy Thai or Mexican food last night, or maybe you just had your morning coffee. Regardless, there’s that moment, that “uh oh, we have an emergency on our hands” moment, where you realize that you need to get yourself to the nearest “area of refreshment” to make a sacrifice to the porcelain gods. Now, let’s add a bit of roughage to the situation – what if you’re a postal worker on foot in the middle of your route?


That’s exactly what happened in Portland when a resident spotted a postal worker taking a load off in his neighbor’s yard. The resident, Don Derfler (now, that’s a name), spotted his mailman acting strangely next door, and, next thing you know, there’s the guy popping a squat. Like any good citizen in our technology-laden age, Derfler started snapping pictures (including one of the… erm… package). Yikes!

Unpleasant? Definitely. But isn’t it just another example of the delightful kookiness that comes from living in Portland?

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Source: Postal worker in deep doo-doo after using yard as toilet