The Pacific Northwest. It’s beautiful, it’s filled with fun things to do and it’s home to the deadliest rivalry ever known between two similar cities. Actually, not really. Portland and Seattle are more like siblings than they are dueling heavyweights.

Sure, they get into bicker matches every once in awhile, but truthfully, they really love each other. Today’s Seattle Weekly has a great article with 10 (okay, 9) reasons Seattle should be jealous of Portland.

Having two wonderful cities both located in the same general vicinity is the best of both worlds. Are you a little more corporate-centric? Check out Amazon, Microsoft and Nintendo’s only American offices up in Seattle. More interested in starting your own business? Portland’s got an up-and-coming entreprenuer community.

Coffee and brewed beers? Both have got their prides and joy (though this sticking point will start a debate unlike any you have ever seen). Music? Natch. Seattle brings the heat with a lot of established music industry types, but Portland’s indie scene is nearly unmatched.

Looking for the big city feel with more job opportunities? Try Seattle. Want laid-back with a commute that won’t make you want to throw yourself in the nearest inlet? Portland’s your girl. Professional hoops? Portland. Big-league ball-and-stick? Seattle.

The comparisons are quite nearly endless. The best part? They’re only 3 hours away from each other, so if one’s got something the other doesn’t, jump in the car and spend a weekend exploring how the other side lives.

You won’t regret it in either direction.

Source: 10 Reasons Seattle Should Be Jealous of Portland