While at Stanford, Ph. D. candidates Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google. Pretty badass, right? WRONG! You want to know what’s badass? Badass is when two Portland State University grad students used a variety of data to create a map of Portland that shows the level of badassery in neighborhoods across the city.

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Dillon Mahmoudi and Eric Crum dreamed up the concept of the Badass Map after seeing the 20-Minute Neighborhood Map which shows how many commercial services are within a 20-minute walk of any neighborhood.

Mahmoudi and Crum used a wide number of variables including number of bars, strip clubs, coffee shops (and a whole lot more) to create a badass index of each neighborhood, and then built it into a map:

Map of Portland Neighborhoods Badassery Index

Key to Portland's Badass Map

Portland Badass-ness Map from Dillon Mahmoudi on Vimeo.

Source: How ‘badass’ is your neighborhood?