Let’s get serious for a moment – education should be a top priority in the U.S.

Education is the only way we’re going to inspire future generations of forward-thinkers who can help regain/maintain the U.S.’s competitive edge in terms of innovation and prevent Idiocracy from coming true.

Unfortunately, the education system in the U.S. has developed a bad reputation over the years with a lot of in-fighting with sides not understanding each other.

We were happy to hear that Portland Public Schools and the Portland Teachers Union reached a tentative agreement for a two-year contract. No strikes. No threats. Both sides came together and hashed out an agreement that they think “shows collective fiscal responsibility” (Jeff Cogan, Multnomah County Chairman). As of yet, the terms of the agreement have not been released to the public.

It’s truly good news that the sides were able to come together. Now, comes the next step: trust the public enough to involve them in the process, too.

Source: Portland Public Schools and its teachers union tentatively agree on new teacher contract