Portlanders love to rail against the droning masses. Gas-guzzling SUVs? We use bikes. Falling in line with authority? Read our middle finger! Wearing deodorant? Soap’s for wimps and stupid people who want to smell nice!

So, why is it that Portlanders love Apple products?

Apple has a market capitalization second in the world only to Exxon-Mobil. Up until a few years ago, its products were on Greenpeace’s no-no list. Apple’s notoriously secretive; its infamous CEO, Steve Jobs, doesn’t take criticism well, and their products maintain astronomical price premiums.

All that aside, Portland loves Apple because Apple’s cool, and all Portlanders have a little hipster in them (no matter how hard we try to smother them).

If we didn’t, why would we be so proud every time some magazine or TV news report calls Portland the coolest city in the country? Because it is, dammit, and don’t you dare move here because we found it first!

Source: Portland techies line up for iPad 2