Oregon state tries to embrace energy-saving, green-energy alternatives in almost everything it does. From new buildings that recycle human poop to offering individuals discounts for energy-efficient cars and appliances.

Now, with projected costs for the subsidies to reach $290 million this year, the legislature’s looking at the long, hard road in front of it – do they cut the subsidies that are hurting the state budget at a time when other areas need help, or do they continue subsidizing this up-and-coming industry in hopes that the green industry brings much-needed jobs to our beleaguered state?

You won’t hear us say it very often, but sometimes we truly the respect the difficult jobs our politicians have. The rest of the time, we wonder why they can’t keep their tiger costumes in the closet.

What do you think: Are the subsidies helping or hurting?

Source: Despite rocketing costs, Oregon lawmakers leery of ending green energy subsidies