It’s hard to be a brooding college student if you can’t smoke.

Recently, Portland Community College banned smoking of any kind on its campuses. The problem? Attaining the image of a brooding emo kid deep in thought is much easier to pull off with gentle clouds of lusty lady tobacco softly puffing from the end of the cowboy killer delicately placed between your lips. If you can’t smoke on campus, why not stroll to one of the nearby residential areas right off campus?

And wander they did. Smoking students attending PCC simply walked to nearby residential areas to partake their smoky treats, leaving the stems strewn around the neighborhoods. This activity prompted PCC to compromise: there are now “Good Neighbor Areas” on the outskirts of campus where smokers can enjoy their naughty activities without littering the nearby neighbor’s hydrangeas.

Being ex-smokers ourselves (how else could we write so eloquently about the evil, little things?), we found ourselves wondering: what is your attitude toward smoking in Portland? Is it an activity people should be able to take part in, or should it be eliminated entirely?

Source: Like a good neighbor, PCC adjusts campus smoking ban

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  1. Kwg says:

    I don’t even understand what the point of this article is. To summarize: PCC banned smoking on campus. Now, PCC has designated smoking areas for students who smoke.
    That took all of two lines. And why would there even be a question of banning cigarettes in Portland completely? This story is a waste of time. Way to go.

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