Portland’s Airport (PDX) was the winner among North American airports for most timeliness departures last year according to FlightStats.com.

We applaud Portland’s Airport – we think they’re swell and truly one of the best airports we’ve visited. That being said, Portland came in first by having only 86.02% of its flights leave on time. The average airport has 75.29% of its flights leave on-time; one in four flights leave late!

The statistic made us really appreciate other companies and industries. Would you be happy if only three out of every four tires worked on your car? Or maybe your toilet backs up one out of every four flushes?

It’s great to live in a city with the airport #1 for most timely departures, but that’s because once you get to Portland, you never want to leave.

Source: Sea-Tac, Portland airports win on-time awards