What is it?

Like the name implies, Mississippi Pizza serves pizza and is located on Mississippi Avenue. Sometimes, simplicity can be a good thing.

Where is it?

Address: 3552 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR 97227
Phone: 503-288-3231
Hours: Sun-Thu: 11am-12am, Fri-Sat: 11am-1am
Website: www.mississippipizza.com

How is it?

Let’s say you want pizza and you’re walking in Portland’s up-and-coming Mississippi District. Plus, it’d be extra nice if you could get your food quick. Where do you go? Mississippi Pizza’s neon sign pierces the night to provide an electric beacon signifying safe haven to hungry passersby.

Not ostentatious, not pretentious – just pizza, beer and live music in a friendly environment with good people. I know what you’re thinking – what’s this place doing in Portland? It so doesn’t fit in.

The atmosphere of Mississippi Pizza is understated and nice – it’s a clean pizza place with a separate area where they serve beer, wine and spirits. Also, they often have trivia nights, live music and other activities going on.

Pizza’s one of those things that tends to attract children in droves, and though kids are definitely welcome, not having swarms of unparented children rambunctiously ruining your meal is a nice change. Portland parents watch what their kids are doing with the same intensity that the bums watch for traffic before stumbling into the street. There are no singing rats and bears, no video games, no ball pits… Mississippi Pizza is a place where grown-ups can eat pizza.

The wide selection of slices at the Mississippi Pizza Pub in Portland, OR

Wide Variety of Slices

And let’s talk about the pizza. Whether you come in a group, with just a few friends or by yourself there are options. A wide variety of slices from vegan to gluten-free, meatatarian to just cheese are always on-hand. If you’d prefer, you can order a full pie by selecting your own toppings or going with one of the pre-made options; Trouble (double cheese, double pepperoni and double sausage) and Aloha (Hawaiian – Canadian Bacon and Pineapple) are personal favorites.

The Aloha/Hawaiian Ham and Pineapple Pizza at Mississippi Pizza Pub in Portland, OR

The Aloha (Hawaiian)

Tonight, I was in the mood for a quick bite, and this is where Mississippi Pizza truly shines. Run in, order your slice and a soda and you’ve got a quick meal for under $5. I grabbed a slice of the Aloha. The pizza crust has just the right amount of snap, and the mozzarella tastes great. The crust would best be described as being on the thinner side of regular. Not Chicago, not New York – this is Portland pizza.

Mississippi Pizza truly offers everything you’d want from a grown-up pizza place – good pizza, a wide variety of beers, wine and spirits, plus the live music, trivia nights and more.