About Stumped in Stumptown

An outsider’s (and insider’s) guide to figuring out Portland, Oregon (a.k.a. Stumptown)

Portland, Oregon has a reputation far and wide for being a very cool place to live. We agree. There’s just something about this town and the surrounding area that makes it one of the best cities in the country for just about anyone – there really is something for everyone here!

Over the years, we’ve noticed that many residents’ reasons for moving to Portland were very… enthusiastic. Something along the lines of: “Portland’s so cool. We love Portland. If Portland were human and it was legal to do so in Oregon, we’d marry Portland, sleep with it, and have a houseful of little Portlands running around.” We wanted to investigate.

In 2010, we started Stumped in Stumptown, a blog/Facebook/Twitter adventure, to talk about what all the fuss is about, point out the stuff we appreciate, the stuff we don’t, and the stuff that makes us laugh. We hope we might make you laugh, too.

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